Monday, July 9, 2012

Prologue to: To Answer The Questions of Homeschooling mini-series

A few years ago, in another blog, not so far away, I answered three popular questions that homeschoolers are frequently asked.  I've decided to re-post these on my new blog.  Some have been edited, updated, or revised, and others have not.  But, the answers are the same.  I'm going to spread the questions out over the next three days to make it easy to digest.  I'm certainly not trying to talk anyone into homeschooling, or out of it.  Just trying to help others make sense of it all from a homeschooler's point of view.  Although a lot of the information is based on lots of studying, the rest is my opinion.  That, and 50 cents, will buy you a can of certain locations.  Comments, respectful disagreements, and of course, agreements are welcome. 

God bless!!

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