Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Sock Bouquet

When we were planning a baby shower for my sister, I came across instructions for the cutest baby sock rose bouquet.  Of course, I HAD to make one!!
I bought a 6 pack of baby socks, in solid colors, so I could make a full dozen.  All the supplies and instructions you need can be found at
It was a bit tedious and the hardest part for myself was step #10~wrapping the floral tape around the sock and the wire.  Make sure you hold the sock tight and wrap it securely. Don't skimp on the amount of tape you use.  You don't want it to fall apart before the mother-to-be receives it.  I added fresh leaves and baby's breath to complete the bouquet. 
They looked so real, I actually had to tell my sister to really look at them before she realized they were baby socks and not real rosebuds!
What lady doesn't enjoy receiving a dozen roses?  You will be the talk of the shower and definitely a favorite guest of the mother-to-be when you deliver the cutest bouquet~a Baby Sock Rose Bouquet
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Diaper Wreath

A couple of years ago, my family was planning a baby shower for a cousin.  We wanted to do something unique and my sister found directions for making a diaper wreath at Inexpensive Baby Shower.   Perfect!
We decided to decorate with Winnie the Pooh...and Tigger, too, since that was the chosen decor for my soon-to-be baby cousin's room.
With my sister, my mother, and myself working on this, the Diaper Wreath still took a couple of hours.  So, if you decide to take this on, make sure you give yourself plenty of time.
Here is the completed project.  Very cute, if I do say so myself.
As you can see, we added wash clothes, baby spoons, and other useful items for the mother-to-be.
My dear cousin loved it and everyone commented on how fun it was.  I know yours will be a big hit, too.  You can find many other great shower ideas at Inexpensive Baby Shower.  Check it out.