Saturday, June 23, 2012

Funnies on Friday (a day late!)

I know this is already Saturday, but I still want to keep up with my new Funnies on Fridays, so....
Yesterday, Friday, I picked my Buddy up from a week long camp adventure.  After a very long afternoon nap and a good supper, he finally started talking about his experiences.  And he was cracking me up!  So, here is my top 3 list of funny things little Buddy learned or said about camp...

Number 3 ~ the "Fart gun", where you take your hand under your armpit, make a noise and act like you are shooting a gun with your finger.  Buddy says he learned this at camp.  He says, "It's kind of a boy thing, because you have to use your armpit."  I laugh because he had to explain that it's a boy thing.  (I would 'never' have guessed, lol!)

Number 2 ~ Buddy made a new friend.  He said his friend "did crazy things, like he would clap his hands then have everyone else clap their hands."  His friend would sing, "I'm sexy and I know it and I'm not afraid to show it."  Buddy explains the song to us, "It's about inappropriate your underwear and your belly button."  Underwear and belly buttons, yeah, I'm glad to know that's all he thinks it's about, lol!

Number 1 ~ I knew in advance that my Buddy never intended to take a shower the entire week he was at camp.  It's like a secret badge of honor among the boys.  But, I was not lost on the irony of his reason for not taking a shower this year.  "Did you take a shower this week?"  Buddy, "No."  Daddy asks, "Why not?"  His answer, "Because the showers were too dirty."  Not taking a shower for 5 days because the shower stalls are dirty...priceless.

I hope this made you chuckle, laugh out loud, or at least smile a little.  If you can't laugh at yourself, laugh at me!

God bless!!

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