Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reorganizing: Master Bathroom Storage

If you haven't read my Don't Judge Me: My 'Before' Reorganizing Story, then make sure you take time to do so either before or after checking out this will help make sense of things.

We don't have a very big master bathroom.  (We don't have a very big house.)  And in a small bathroom, there is even less room for storage.  Add 2 years of not doing anything to help, (like I the linked post), you get this:  

 I know, right!?!  Hide your children's eyes, gasp, scream...but, I hope you can at least appreciate how hard it is to share the ugly truth with you. 
Yes, that is plastic wrap in there.  I had to wrap my bandaged knee after my surgery and never took it back out...I just didn't want it back in the kitchen after being in the bathroom...know what I mean?  And all the medication just laying around...again, read the Don't Judge Me article. This is what happened.  But, as you can see, there is NOTHING functional and peaceful about this space. 

So...on a Dollar Tree kind of budget, that's where I headed.  I picked up several little baskets and utilized some we already had around the house.  I threw away or recycled a bunch of stuff.  Bunches and bunches.  And it felt good.

My husband's items are organized on the left, and my things are organized on the right.  There is a basket for unopened/unused items, (I found 3 unopened deodorant containers!), a basket for lotions and perfumes, a basket for bandages and ointment, and storage containers for other things and that hide all the o.t.c. medication a little better.  Those containers were actually already there, but they weren't very accessible.  (I properly disposed of the prescription meds that were outdated & irrelevant~and there was a lot because I don't like taking medication, so most bottles were pretty full.)

Now, I'm not Martha Stewart, and this space will keep improving as our budget allows and I get more ideas, but here is the after:

There's even room, now, for my Thirty One bags that I keep my hair and makeup supplies in.  (Before, they had to sit on the counter, taking up valuable space.)  I would still like it to look a little less crowded, but for now, say it with me..."Much Better!"

I also reorganized the only other storage compartment in the bathroom, a small cabinet that we purchased about 2 years into our marriage.  It has served its purpose well.  I didn't get 'before' pictures of it, but it wasn't much better than the previous space.  I put all of my nail polish and related items in a basket and moved it to the bottom open shelf.  (My daughter, Sweet Pea, specifically asked where it was), and stored the toilet paper on the top shelf where it's a little more covered.

For the shelves behind the door, I used a couple of baskets-one to store feminine items and one for sample/travel items.  That seems to make the space flow much better than a bunch of boxes and bottles laying around.

I really like my bathroom space now.  It's not perfect and like I said, will be evolving, but I can breathe easier and smile more with a space that's organized, functional, accessible, and sensible-to me.  And that, my friends, is what it's all about.

God bless!


  1. I think you did a great job! It's organized, but also allows for you to actually use what you need and see what you have. Thanks for sharing! I started following your blog so I can see the rest of your projects :)

    1. Thanks, V. I started following your blog, too. Can't wait to see what you do! :)