Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back in the Books!!

We officially started our new school year this week, on Monday, August the 13th.  Since the 1st day of Buddy's Kindergarten year, a '1st day' tradition began.  I wrap up some of their school workbooks, new supplies, and a few fun surprises and let my little students open them up to begin our 1st day.  The kiddos love this and it makes what might seem boring, a little more exciting. So, here are a few pictures to capture our 'gifts of education'. 

Sweet Pea & Buddy waiting to open up

Buddy finding a fingerprint art kit

He is super excited to get more of these books.  He hasn't put them down!

Sweet Pea excited about her new Math U See workbook.  (We are all excited about this curriculum!)

She also got a couple of books and very quickly found her way in my lap for me to read them to her. 

Not to be left out, Sunshine also received some 'school supplies.'  

She got new books, too.  She loves to read.  We just can't understand her, yet.

I also make signs that say "1st Day of __ Grade" and have the kiddos pose with their signs.  For some reason, I had the signs ready but the pictures did not happen.  So, I will have them pose this coming week and we will just 'pretend' it's the first day.  But, it's a great way to capture how they change from year to year.  
Children (at least in America), HAVE to go to school, it's not an option.  But, whether they stay at home or go to a traditional style of school, education is truly a gift.  So, make it fun!  If you have any fun ways of celebrating the start of the school year, leave a comment and share them with us.  

God bless!

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