Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picture Perfect Placemats

This is my first ever blog on Three Kids & We!!  So, if you are reading this...thank you and welcome!  Since this blog is about sharing cool crafts and 'schooling' ideas, my first blog is this super easy, but well enjoyed, handmade place mats.

I came up with this idea when preparing for a fall brunch the ladies at my church host every year.  I was hosting a table, using a "Homeschool Family" theme this year, and needed place mats that reflected that.  You can choose any number of themes to go with...Birthday, Christmas or other holidays, any special event...the ideas are endless.

1st- Decide which pictures you want to use and have them printed out.  (I had them printed at a store since I was making 8 mats with 3 pictures on each and wanted to save my own ink.)

2nd- Choose the paper you want to use.  I used card stock for the extra strength and just regular sized paper-because it's what fits in my laminator.  I think a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper would also be nice if you have a way to laminate that size.  I do know that clear contact paper works well for laminating, too.  I also grouped the pictures together, according to what I wanted on each mat.  Example, I did one mat for each child, a couple with all 3 kiddos together, and the rest were of different activities that reflected my homeschool theme.

3rd- (and the most fun step)- Let your kiddos have fun placing the pictures on the paper and decorating it with stickers or other decorations.  I would recommend something flat, however.
I used glue dots to secure the pictures on the paper because it's what I had nearby.  I would recommend using something a little less bulky, though, since the glue dots make bumps.

4th- Laminate!                                                       

The place mats were a hug success.  Everyone enjoyed stopping by my table and checking out all the pictures.  My kiddos are very proud of their handy work and we often use them at home to make dinner time a little more fun.

These place mats would make great gifts for mothers, grandparents, or whoever!  Let me know what you think and what you are going to do with this!! 


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  1. Super cute Beth! You have inspired me. If any of my mothers are reading this, just act surprised at Christmas if I decide to make these for you. :) Keep the ideas coming! I need all the help I can get in the craft department. -Kelly